Thursday, July 2, 2009

CA-10 "Out of Touch" Democrats

The California Political Bubble continues. How can candidates Garamendi and DeSaulnier consider running for the Congressional special election in California’s District 10? Our State Government is broken and in the process of shutting down, these two men are no small part of the problem yet they think voters will send them to Washington. This is what happens to career politicians; they get surrounded by a bubble and lose touch with the people they represent. I can't imagine anybody seriously thinking that these two individuals have done a good job. They represent exactly what is wrong with the State of California. It would be different if these candidates had exercised a leadership role in resolving California's budget crisis. Instead what are they doing in the middle of our financial mess? Running for a Federal office. Whatever happened to public servants sacrificing and working hard to get a difficult the job done? Their only priority is to get reelected. I hope that you will visit to see the many MUCH more qualified candidates seeking this position.

-Gary Clift

Solano County, CA

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